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Luke has a passion for learning, figuring things out, and making complex information easy to understand. He cares about getting the message out, in an exciting way. Above all else, he enjoys creative brainstorming and using his talents to turn ideas into reality through compelling storytelling.

Luke is a video and multimedia specialist, with 20 years experience in the video production field. He is a dependable creative professional who works well on a team, or independently as a 'one man crew'.

"Recently, I have become more excited about delivering E-Learning and interactive video content. In my as role as a video producer, I interact with customers, sales and marketing teams, graphic designers, and the public. I meet with subject matter experts, absorb information, and come up with creative solutions." He actively bring ideas to the table.

"I regularly write scripts, film and direct shoots, conduct video interviews, edit the footage, and deliver the finished videos to YouTube, Vimeo, or custom video players. The videos I create range from internal corporate communications, to public “new product” announcements."

"Whatever your story is, I'll help you tell it!"

Other interests: Community Theatre, Music, History, Podcasts. 

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